Can you help us identify and prioritize potential AI use cases within our operations?2023-08-29T08:16:34+00:00

Yes, we can identify and build POC based on AI business cases to help customers become more efficient.

Can you guide us in formulating an AI strategy aligned with our business goals?2023-08-29T08:16:05+00:00

Yes, this is part of our AI strategy session and POC development for customers.

Do you work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises?2023-08-29T08:15:37+00:00

We work with all business. We have built a focus area for Small and Medium businesses to cater to their specific need.

What industries do you specialize in serving with your AI expertise?2023-08-29T08:15:12+00:00

Some of the key industries we focus on are

  • Retail and Manufacturing
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Energy and Conservation
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
Can you help us understand how AI can solve specific challenges in our industry?2023-08-29T08:14:30+00:00

Yes, Pinnacle AI has various use cases which can help customers identify and work on specific challenges.

What services does your AI consultancy provide?2023-08-29T08:13:48+00:00

Pinnacle AI Provides:

  • Data Analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • DataLake
Do you help institutions in data analysis to identify areas for improvement?2023-08-29T08:12:34+00:00

Yes, This part of our overall program structure where we help institutions come up with strategies to improve education for kids.

Can you assist in creating AI-driven content and curriculum recommendations?2023-08-29T08:12:05+00:00

Yes, This is what we specialize in.

Do you offer personalized learning solutions using AI-ML algorithms?2023-08-29T08:11:34+00:00

Yes, This is what we specialize in.

Can you provide examples of how AI-ML has already transformed education?2023-08-29T08:11:02+00:00

We create reading strategies for students based on the input results of reading stimuli given to students.

What services does your AI-ML education company provide?2023-08-29T08:10:35+00:00

We provide individualized learning for students and schools to accelerate learning.

How can AI-ML solutions benefit students, educators, and educational institutions?2023-08-29T08:07:49+00:00

Currently, all education is based on a single-lane learning structure for all students in one classroom. We have built E-Pert AI to focus on building individualized learning for kids in school.

Tell me more about your E-Pert AI2023-08-29T08:07:06+00:00

E-pert AI is an AI-ML-based application that helps students and teachers create a more efficient study curriculum which increases students’ learning abilities.

What is your pricing structure for AI-ML development and implementation?2023-08-29T08:06:26+00:00

Our pricing structure has both Non-Recurring( NRR/CAPEX) and Monthly recurring(MRR/OPEX) structures.

Can you help us identify potential AI-ML use cases within our organization?2023-08-29T08:05:34+00:00

Yes, This is very much part of our initial set of conversations with clients where we help them identify business challenges and how AI-ML can be leveraged to get the solution.

Do you provide AI-ML as a service, or do you develop solutions for us to manage?2023-08-29T08:04:06+00:00

We can SaaS or Fully Managed solutions as per customer business requirements.

Can you help us with AI-ML model optimization for better performance?2023-08-29T08:03:19+00:00

We have our on AI-ML product ( COM-AI) which is focused on optimizing customer environments.

Do you provide AI-ML consulting services to guide our strategic technology decisions?2023-08-29T08:03:00+00:00

Yes, This is one of the key areas of how we enable our customers to make step-by-step decisions on how they can pursue the AI-ML journey.

What is your approach to handling and managing big data for AI-ML purposes?2023-08-29T08:02:25+00:00

We have built a standard process for identifying and warehousing big data using the public cloud. We do use MFA and encryption for data security and access control.

Do you have experience with natural language processing (NLP) and understanding?2023-08-29T08:01:55+00:00

Our team has deep knowledge of NLP which also includes deep learning and Machine Learning.

Can you help us with compliance-related IT challenges, such as PCI, GDPR or HIPAA?2023-08-29T08:00:46+00:00

Yes, we do that as per our security compliance for customers.

Can you help us optimize our IT infrastructure for better performance?2023-08-29T07:58:56+00:00

Our product key features is optimization of customer environments. We do this for reduction in cost and better performance.

What steps do you take to prevent and address data breaches?2023-08-29T07:58:39+00:00

All our data is stored in Public cloud which is specifically designed for the customer. We also have mechanisms to build out COM-AI in customer environments as required.

What is your pricing structure for IT services?2023-08-29T07:58:17+00:00

Our pricing structure has both Non -Recurring( NRR/CAPEX) and Monthly recurring(MRR/OPEX) structures.

Can you help us with upgrading our hardware and software systems using your Cloud optimization and modernization product?2023-08-29T07:51:50+00:00

Our solution using machine learning to evaluate the current hardware and software of the customer environment and recommend new architectures which reduces cost and increases performance.

Common challenges customers face2023-08-29T07:51:26+00:00

Some of the key challenges customers face are knowing:

  • Where to start the journey of modernization.
  • How complex is the journey,
  • What will be the cost and duration of modernization and modernization of IT infrastructure? What will be the ROI?
What does your company do?2023-08-29T07:50:33+00:00

Pinnacle AI is a IT transformation company focused on solving customer problems using Artificial intelligence.

What is the name of product?2023-08-29T07:24:35+00:00

Cost Optimization and Modernization – Advisory and Implementation ( COM-AI)

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